The RISE Schools is a free public charter school network in East Point, Georgia. The RISE Schools is comprised of RISE Grammar School, which serves kindergarten through grade five, and RISE Prep School, which serves grades six, seven, and eight.

The mission of The RISE Schools is to provide a rigorous and holistic education that develops the minds and character of scholars to be catalysts for social change. When scholars graduate from RISE, they will have the capacity to maintain balance between competition and compassion to be catalysts for social change in their lives and in their communities. This mission and vision are vital to the children in south Fulton County as quality public education options are more limited in this region. Scholars in the area do not currently have the opportunity to engage in a holistic model that reinforces both academic and social-emotional growth while instilling in scholars the care for their surrounding community.

The holistic model focuses on the following six pillars; 1) restorative practices, 2) entrepreneurship, 3) ethics of care, 4) experiential learning, 5) culturally responsive teaching, and 6) social-emotional wellness. This approach to whole-scholar development recognizes that sustained learning is achieved by integrating all aspects of the educational experience rather than compartmentalizing subjects, as is the practice in traditional public education. This educational experience is particularly important for children who are historically marginalized in the public education system.

The Ideal Employee

RISE is committed to hiring, cultivating, and retaining the best-qualified candidates to serve our students. To that end, RISE seeks employees who:

  1. Genuinely love kids and believe that all our scholars can succeed
  2. Possess and demonstrate high emotional intelligence
  3. Have high expectations for themselves and all our scholars
  4. Are hard workers and lifelong learners
  5. Thrive on feedback and are open to change
  6. Have a sense of pride in and responsibility to our school community
  7. Believe in using data to drive decision-making
  8. Believe that the needs of students come before the needs of an adult
  9. Believe in developing the whole child
  10. Is a team player and able to work collaboratively
  11. Value diversity in all forms
  12. Have a positive attitude and great sense of humor

Recruitment & Retention

RISE provides a competitive compensation and benefits package that is based on data from five surrounding districts. This allows us to better compete with surrounding schools in order to attract better talent. Today, not only are we attracting highly qualified staff, but we are retaining more staff as well. Each year RISE will conduct a review of its recruitment and retention strategies to ensure that it continues to remain competitive.


The RISE Schools believe in providing a smaller classroom environment. To that end, we try to maintain an average class size of no more than 26 students. Each classroom at RISE will have qualified staff who are equipped to support and maximize student learning.

Culture & Climate

RISE is committed to creating and maintaining an organizational environment that is best for maximizing employee collaboration and goal attainment. A comprehensive list of our employee policies is listed in our employee handbook. The RISE Schools is an equal opportunity employer; people from all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Professional Development

All staff at RISE engage in routine and ongoing professional development. Starting with new staff who begin the year with an induction program, staff are placed in professional learning communities and receive professional development via both internal and external resources. In both cases, professional development at RISE is research-based and provided based on the identified needs of individual staff members.

How to Apply:

To apply, please fill out the Employment Application located in the left column.

We have filled all of the vacant positions for the 2020-2021 school year. However, feel free to fill out an application for us to have on file when more positions open up.

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