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RISE Schools Wellness Policy


The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools along with the school nutrition authorities recognize that the battle with childhood obesity in our country has reached an alarming rate in the United States.


In order to fulfill our mission, The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools which has grades K through 8, promotes wellness both in and out of the classrooms. The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools provides a safe, healthy, well maintained campus that is free of tobacco, alcohol, drug free and fosters a culture of caring, respect and responsibility.

Nutritional Education

The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools have implemented a planned, sequential curriculum that addresses physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of health. The curriculum is aligned with Georgia’s Health and Physical Education frameworks and existing school policies. Standards for nutritional education are included with the curriculum utilized in our physical education department.

Wellness Promotion

We promote opportunities and resources for our RISE Schools faculty and staff to improve their health status through activities such as health assessments, health education and health related fitness activities. Teachers and staff are also encouraged to be healthy role models for scholars in terms of nutrition and fitness pursuits. Field Trips and afterschool curriculum such as basketball and football practices as well as a required two hours of exercise per week inside or outside weather permitting.

During Covid 19, mask was mandatory for all staff and students. But as recently mandated, it is not required to wear but may still be used by any individual who feel the need to do so.

Wellness Committee 

The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools has established a committee to ensure that this Wellness Policy is enacted and reviewed on a regular basis. Required members of this committee include the following:

Dr. Alisa Moore-Webb – Grammar’s Principal

Christian Harden – College Prep. Principal

Crystal West        – Social Worker

Eddie McMillan – Food Service Manager

Elizabeth Lambert – Director of Finance

The Wellness Policy is posted on the schools’ website for access at for stakeholder’s review. All interested stakeholders are invited to become part of the Wellness Committee. If you are interested, please contact Principals of either school at (404) 669-8060.

Healthy Meals

The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools ensure that the cafeteria is a clean and appealing area in which to eat meals. RISE scholars are not permitted to use a microwave to heat up food items due to safety precautions. We ensure that nutrition information and menus are available at all times. The 5 components of a healthy meal which are encouraged daily are whole grains, protein, 8 oz. 1% Milk or Fat Free Chocolate Milk, 1 cup of fruit fresh or can fruit for breakfast and 1/2c fresh ½ c fresh or can fruit for lunch, ¾ cup of fresh vegetables for lunch are promoted in the cafeteria. A weekly minimum required for report is completed for breakfast and lunch to ensure the nutrients are being met in gains (8-10 oz), meats (9-10 oz), vegetables (3 ¾ c), fruits (2 ½ c) red orange (3/4c), beans (1/2c), starch (1/2c), other vegetables (1/2c), and 1% milk (8 oz) or a Fat Free Chocolate Milk (8 oz). To ensure our families access school meals during the summer, the principal will send a letter, to parents, guardians, and families programs promoting free nutritional meals for the breakfast and lunch programs in the area. The programs are also promoted at the beginning of the school year when free and reduced meal applications (or direct certification results) are sent to each family’s household. The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools work with our vendors to ensure reimbursable meals for students (breakfast, lunches and snacks) meet or exceed state and federal guidelines. Meals are nutritional, appealing, and accommodate the health nutrition needs of all the students, including vegetarians, students with allergies and other medical conditions. Students are given a 25 to 30 minutes breakfast and lunch period during the day.

Competitive Foods and Beverages

The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools have developed guidelines for foods and beverages sold or served at the schools that could compete with our school food programs. In compliance with the State of Georgia, students are not permitted to organize “bake sales” or other fundraisers that involve the sale of food from one hour before the beginning of school to one hour after the end of the school day.

Students may organize food sales as a fundraiser during events such as athletic games, report card conferences, Family University Nights or other evening/after school activities. Foods that are not high in sugar, fat, sodium and calories. Beverages sold have to be 100% fruit juices and any foods that are sold during the school fundraiser must be whole wheat baked products. The RISE Schools does not currently have vending machines or a school store, nor does it sell a la carte items in the cafeteria. Teachers are encouraged to explore nonfood options for class parties and for rewards, with the objective of promoting student health awareness to reduce childhood obesity. If parties are rewarded with food, they must be whole grain, low in sugar, fat, sodium and 100% juices. Drinking fountains are located in the cafeteria and hallways of the schools. Students are also permitted to carry clear water bottles with them during class to encourage hydration.

Physical Education

The RISE Grammar and Prep Schools have implemented a planned, sequential physical education curriculum that addresses the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all students. This program provides a variety of developmentally appropriated activities that are interwoven with sound standards, benchmarks, and assessments, to focus on students learning. All students at The RISE Schools have physical education classes each week. Other opportunities for active learning experiences include sports teams, club organizations, RISE Community Peace Garden and elective classes.

Evaluation and Publication for the Wellness Policy

A Wellness Committee has been established at The RISE Schools that include the food service manager, social worker and principals from both schools serve at our Family University Nights once a month. During these meetings parents are welcomed to get involved and join our Wellness Committee. Our Wellness Policy is evaluated once every 3 years and updates once a year to school  

families and the public to be inform on any changes made for the upcoming school year on contract information for the school on the website, flyers, and meetings. The committee will meet in August, December and May of each year to evaluate and update the local Wellness Policy. The policy will be available to the public on the schools’ website, if you are interested in learning more or joining the Wellness Committee, call the school principal Dr. Moore-Webb/Grammar and Christian Harden/Prep at (404) 669-8060.

Wellness Policy Team Members:

Eddie McMillan – Food Service Manager – [email protected]

Elizabeth Lambert – Director of Finance [email protected]

Ken Kemp – [email protected]

Christian Harden- [email protected]

Aisha Moore-Webb – [email protected]


Lead and support wellness initiatives within our school community.

Every Wednesday please provide any Wellness tips that you want to share with our school community.

Keyana Cook will share Wellness tips via social media and school website.

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