Bus transportation request

Dear Parents & Guardians:

As a reminder, we have very limited space on our buses, so please be kind and courteous, and only submit this form if you have NO other means of transportation. 

Request received after August 8, 2018 may NOT be granted!

All request need to be submitted an hour before dismissal. Any changes received after that time may NOT be processed.


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Bus Transportation Request

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*** It is a privilege to ride on the bus. Students who do adhere to the bus rules may be suspended or permanently removed from the bus.  ***Ridership status and/ or bus stops are subject to cancellation after five (5) consecutive school days of no ridership. If your child will be absent from bus service for more than five (5) days and you’d like to keep their status active, please notify the school office. Student must ride at least once every five (5) days in order to remain active. *** Students who are late for the bus in the morning 5 days or more may be suspended or permanently removed.*** For the safety of your scholar the bus will not leave students unaccompanied at the drop-off stops in the afternoon. Students who are not met by an adult at the drop-off location will be returned to campus and the parent will be responsible to arranging alternate means of transportation. Students who are late to be picked up 5 days or more may be suspended or permanently removed. Any parent wishing to allow their students to be left at the stop unaccompanied must provide a written, notarized notice to the school.*** The Rise Schools requires a release of liability form a parent/guardian in order for a student to ride the school bus. By agreeing and submitting this form: I declare that I understand and agree with the bus transportation policies, and I do hereby release and give up any claim, demand, or action against, and hold harmless The Rise Schools, its Boards of Directors, employees, affiliates, and Fulton County Schools for events beyond the normal control of The Rise Schools in delivering transportation service.   *

General Transportation Information

The RISE Schools contracts with First Student to meet our students' transportation needs.