Our Mission

The Rise Schools is committed to ensuring that our scholars engage in a rigorous academic program that enables them to master that art of thinking and build the attitudes and skills essential to becoming responsible citizens who are prepared to thrive globally. 

Our Vision

The aim of The Rise Schools is to engage scholars in a rigorous academic program that will prepare them to make informed choices in high school, college, and beyond and instill a lifelong joy of learning. We will accomplish this in the following manner:

By providing a holistic curriculum that focuses on core knowledge and ensures an explicit focus on developing written, verbal, mathematical fluency, we allow scholars to build the foundations to access and engage with the modern and classical literature that shapes our society. This curriculum is delivered via a structured, sequential approach that encourages scholars to develop strong cognitive skills that can be applied to scientific, mathematical, linguistic, artistic, social, and ethical problems.

By immersing scholars in Latin language fundamentals, we help them to develop strong roots that support English language vocabulary development. As a critical foundation of the English language, Latin enhances fluency and comprehension and prepares scholars for challenges that they will encounter in middle school and beyond.

By creating a values-based school culture of consistent expectations, we empower scholars to meet the challenges, demands, and opportunities of the future. In an atmosphere that is both intellectually rigorous and emotionally nurturing, students develop strong social and emotional skills that allow them to be challenged both academically and behaviorally. In this environment, students gain confidence, discipline, and resilience to prepare them to become responsible global citizens.

Throughout their career at The Rise Schools, scholars will be actively invested in their personal goals and successes and will work closely with teachers, parents, and supporters to ensure that these objectives are met or exceeded. Ultimately, each scholar will leave with solid academic foundations, active learning mindsets, and the confidence to advocate for their own learning to pursue a path of educational excellence.