Our Culture 

As part of our mission, we strive to ensure that each of our RISE Prep scholars show mastery of our value statements. We believe in a strong focus on character development. We hold all of our scholars to the highest expectations and emphasize our six core value statements on a daily basis.


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Core Value #1 - Rocket Shine:

As a RISE Prep Scholar, I will conduct myself as a scholar at all times, demonstrating curiosity, enthusiasm for academics, and high quality work.To be a scholar is to commit to achievement at its highest level which is what our rocket shine is.


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Core Value #2 - Team and Family

As a RISE Prep Scholar, I make a positive contribution to my team at all times, including my classmates, my teachers, and members of my community.


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Core Value #3 - Respect

As a RISE Prep Scholar, I always treat others and myself with the highest level of respect.

Core Value #4 - Responsibility

As a RISE Prep Scholar, I take ownership for my actions and the consequences and outcomes that they lead to.



Core Value #5 Honesty

As a RISE Prep Scholar, I always tell the truth and act with the utmost integrity regardless of whether I am being watched or not.

Core Value #6 Determination

As a RISE Prep Scholar, I always work as hard as I possibly can. I never give up