Our Culture

As part of our mission to help our scholars make their way to and through college, RISE Grammar School believes in a strong focus on character development. We hold all of our scholars to the highest of expectations and emphasize our five core values on a daily basis. 


core value #1 - HONESTY

Honesty is speaking the truth.  Presenting yourself in a genuine and sincere way and being a “real” person. In action, honestly looks like owning up to actions when a mistake is made.  Honestly also means being willing to have true conversations about how you feel in a polite way.

core value #2 - grit

Grit is perseverance and passion for long term goals.  Grit is working hard and never giving up.  In action, grit looks like stopping to sound out a tricky word while reading, working through that tough math problem, and overall being able to stick with something even when it might get a little hard.  



core value #3 - ZEST

Zest is an approach to life and learning that is filled with excitement and energy.  In action, zest looks like a bright smile while walking into the school building, a loud and proud college voice when answering a questions, or genuine excitement when talking about a favorite book or what STEP level they are reading on.  

CORE VALUE #4 - kindness

Kindness is being considerate and helpful to others.  Simply being nice.  In action, kindness looks like using your PETSYS, holding the door for someone, helping a friend work on a project, picking up something that someone else has dropped, and getting along with friends and peacefully solving problem. 


CORE VALUE #5 - scholarship

Scholarship is academic achievement.  Learning at a high level.  In action scholarship looks like completing homework each night, making sure work is neat, studying for tests, and performing well on assessments.  Scholarship is one of the most important measures of a school’s success.