our Academics

Knowing that success in elementary school is predictive of success in college, we believe that a rigorous academic program is of utmost importance. Read on to learn more about some key components of learning at our school. 


Georgia performance standards

As a public school in the state of Georgia, Rise Grammar School adheres to the Georgia Performance Standards which provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work at each grade level. In addition, Rise Grammar administers all state-mandated assessments to ensure that our students are gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for achievement at each grade level.  

Rigorous curriculum

We ensure that all Rise Grammar scholars engage with a rigorous curriculum in every subject. Through the use of innovative curricular resources, proven best practices, and differentiated support for all students, we equip our scholars to read, write, think, and speak at the highest level. In addition, knowing that reading ability is key to success in many subjects, we maintain a strong focus on literacy skills throughout all subjects.



Latin Language Acquisition

At Rise Grammar, we strive to give our students every possible advantage when it comes to academics. Through our daily Latin language program, we expose scholars to this classical language. Studies have shown that early exposure to Latin can improve vocabulary as well as comprehension of the English language. Knowledge of Latin grammar also helps scholars gain a superior understanding of the English language. In addition, Latin forms the basis for many modern languages including English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese and can be beneficial to students when it comes time to learn another language. 

Data-driven instruction

We believe that the only way to know where you're going is to know where you are. At Rise Grammar, we use student performance data to assess each student's needs and tailor instruction and support to maximize his/her achievement. We also use data to motivate our students in their quest to meet their personal academic goals. To learn more about the assessments we use, please click here.